Mos Espa Last Race for Spice

Race report from Mos Espa Race for Spice
Nasirii clan hosted the races on the local track through Mos Espa .
Early evening the suns are hanging low in the sky casting long shadows from the start line . a fat blue hutt glides across the sand on a custom pod, obviously built for moving a large weight in comfort its massive engine looks like it can shift at a good pace if needed . following behind is one repulsor loader stacked with crates carrying a stamp of the red spice.
Stopping just past the start finish Belutric shuts down his pod and relaxes eating from his stash of snacks on board.
The streets were quieter maybe the recent storms had sapped the will from many or simply dislike for the hutt kept them away.
Locals and visitors watched scattered around in small groups .
The prizes of Spice sat beside the track .
Three pods lined up, the whine of the engines rings with power. Every hair on the tiny amarans tail sticks up as he moves excitedly towards the racers . Shouting above the roar into the hot air his words are barley heard . nod of the head, a thumbs up, tip of the cap the racers know the score . READY 5 4 3 2 1 GO launching off the line the pods sand blast Speculative and in the time it takes for him to turn towards the tunnel on turn one the pods are already there fighting for position at break neck speed . In a short warm up of eight laps all three pods were smoking and spitting sparks early. crossing the line exploding together in a final crash the warm up had set the scene for what would be some of the best close races the town had seen.  Belutrics chuckle could be heard from across the street .
After a short break the three racers line up again for the first official race of 8 laps. Noise from the pods has brought more of the locals out to the track with a number of individuals standing high on roofs to get a good view and stay safe from the random crashes .  Nora, Wild and Deezul jet off the line holding position, at the start of lap two Wilds small red pod  makes a forceful move going into the tunnel and takes the lead . Nora does not let up and with Deezul close behind both give chase . Wild crosses the line first with Nora close behind and Deezul third. Speculative jumps around excited for Wild shouting out “you won , You beat Nora” . Like a true champion herself Nora congratulates Wild on his win and it is clear she will now relish the challenge thrown down .
Another race this time fifteen laps and soon after the start all three pods are trailing smoke around the track Deezuls pod gives up first. Wild makes it to lap thirteen leaving Nora as the only pilot to make the full distance claiming the win.
Its one race each to Nora and Wild.
Tactics must now change as we enter the endurance race known as last pod running. Rules are simple racers must keep moving and the last pod running wins. This time when the pods start the pace is notably slower and the small red pod hangs back taking the short cut instead of going through the tunnel. Even though teh pods are moving at a slower pace accidents happen and soon the smoke starts . Blaster fire ends up being the decider as Nora takes the race win. Speculative calls for the next races to be short only two pods line up Will and Nora. Flat out on the edge of crashing out the two racers battle as Speculative shouts out with excitement updates of whats happening .
Nora and Wild both win a short race each. such close racing each time the format changes now we race two twelve lap races and Deezul has joined in again but crashes out . As we head to the last race its Nora three wins and Wild four wins , Nora must win this round to force a tie breaker race. Speculative calls head on endurance as the style and Nora must race reverse track direction. Just getting around the track without hitting the walls, houses and bits of junk strewn along the streets is hard enough without another pod coming at you . Deezul has dropped out after his last crash and watches. The racers are off and manage to avoid each other for a good number of laps. As the races have now gone on for a wile interest has built and the odd blaster is fired at the pods as they pass . People can make good credits selling pod parts so its a challenge for the racers to avoid being taken out . Wilds pod blows up and Nora claims the win forcing the tiebreaker race . The now very dusty and lucky to not be killed amaran looks across the track to the hutt. Belutric nods and grins still eating and very happy. Shouting into the air you can tell Speculative is happy to see such piloting skills . We have a tiebreaker he cries into the strong wind . Let us have another head to head endurance as the decider . Pod parts litter the track and the suns draws lower in the sky . Sand people and Jawas will soon be trying to take any thing not secure or protected . Both pods prepare to roar for one last race. Taking off in opposite directions tension fills the air . Blaster fire is coming from the pod pilots themselves and also from spectators now as both pods are targeted taking heavy damage . There is no going slow in this race if a crash dont get you the blaster fire will . Both racers give their all to stay running until finally Noras pod gives up and Wild takes the win in a badly damaged pod.
Nora gracefully accepts defeat as Wilds excitement builds . Speculative runs over and looks to both racers covered in sand, dirt, smoke and coke markings from the races . Congratulations all . The three head over to see Belutric standing by the track to have a few photos taken and Belutric gives over the prizes of Spice and says a few words to the racers .
 “Hattak ichaga ma, ayba bunga so, haz geta kushu bon hogu wishka, bicha uska kox. Golki ni, buda so lonta bi chigat, tun pay choda aley, uro kilari ipa u pi- jompi tari kaska ainti manja”
With the streets now silent people head away from the track , Speculative walks to the closest cantina as Belutric pilots his large pod back to the Nasirii palace .
There is a new pilot in town and they race Wild.
The challenge was on